Valves & Accessories
Valves are the single most fundamental component in any process, from transportation of product under controlled conditions, to the isolation of piping segments or other process components. Apollo distributes comprehensive range of technically advanced, precision made, high integrity valve products and accessories for all your process handling needs
Strainers screen and collect scale, rust, debris, dirt particles from fluid in pipelines and provide inexpensive protection for costly pumps, meters, valves, traps, turbines and compressors. Because of it's shape, the flow through the strainer is virtually unobstructed, making it ideal for applications on heavily laden fluids.
 Flange Adaptors
Flange adaptors designed to join pipes of various materials and outside diameters to flanges of the same nominal size. Apollo offers Flange Adaptors with Corrosion resistant construction, Fusion bonded epoxy coating. Stainless steel nuts & bolts offering long term protection to corrosion, impact and abrasion for continued reliable performance.
Universal coupling compromises of all sizes and working pressures. Apollo offers couplings with Light weight design, Corrosion resistant construction, Wide tolerance range, Fusion bonded epoxy coating. Stainless steel nuts & bolts offering long term protection to corrosion, impact and abrasion for continued reliable performance.
 Dismantling Joints
The Dismantling Joints are double flanged fittings that accommodate longitudinal adjustment and can be locked at the required length with the tie bars supplied. Not only does this system allow for fast, easy maintenance but also for simplifying the installation & removal of isolation valves, control valves, check valves, non-return valves, flow metering valves, pump sets, pressure reducing valves, flanged pipe & fittings.
 Valve Boxes
Protects in-ground irrigation valves. Functions as a durable enclosure that provides easy access to valves for maintenance. Used in turf applications to house single valves, multiple valves, or other subsurface components of an irrigation system. Available in multiple sizes and shapes to provide the right fit for any application. Corrugated sides provide strength both before and after knock-outs are removed
Valve Extension Spindles facilitate the opening and closing of Valves where the valves are located below ground or in pits at an extended distance from the opening level. Finally, if the right product for the best solution doesn't exist, we can customize an existing one or even design and manufacture it for you, to the highest standards.
 Rubber Expansion Joints
The Single / Double Sphere Expansion Joint absorbs any misalignment between two pipes or fittings. Its sphere shaped sleeve distributes pressure evenly over the whole surface to provide a high level of integrity. Rubber Expansion joints provide sufficient flexibility to compensate thermal expansion and mechanical vibrations with the requested durability.
 Flow Switches
Flow switches are highly reliable devices utilized to sense the start or stop of flow in pipelines containing oil and petroleum derivatives, chemicals, water, or air. Apollo offers a wide range of flow switches which are rugged, reliable and repeatable to ensure continuous operation and longest service life in industrial applications. An extensive selection of flow element materials, process connections and enclosures are available to ensure compatibility and easiest installation in your process.
 Level Switches
Level Switches are durable, low-cost, and specially designed to solve the long range, multi-points level detection in liquid and liquid with pump or granule instances. On-off switch that senses high or low liquid levels. Sensor type is offered in multiple technologies from low cost proven reed switch based floats, compact solid-state electro-optics, no moving parts conductivity switches and controls, capacitive to ultrasonic and non-intrusive piezo-resonant.
Flow meters provide exceptionally accurate service when using their unique positive displacement metering principle, even under variable operating conditions. Available in choice of materials, these units are suitable for almost all measuring and monitoring applications. A wide range of accessories are available to meet almost every metering need.
 Gauges & Sensors
Apollo offers a variety of equipment and tools to monitor, maintain, and repair various types of ground fueling equipment. Innovative designs such as our water detection sensor help reduce the risk of water contamination in a fuel supply. Our level probe, or stem float, sensors are used widely in chemical and petrochemical applications, and are a favorite for oil and gas rigs. The floats are designed with chemically compatible material, with varying shapes and sizes to float on just about any liquid surface.
Apollo distributes a wide range of Stainless Steel & Carbon Steel Flanges and Fittings. These products are widely used in variety of applications, including offshore and onshore oil and gas development, refining, cryogenic plants, petrochemical process, power generation, desalination plants and mechanical engineering industries .
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